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Wich heroes of comics you want to see in our hentai sets?

Hello there. Always wanted to ask for your opinion. What are the characters you would like to see drawn most here?
You can submit your craziest, wildest scenarios of explicit hentai scenes with your favorite male and female superheroes. I'll do my best ;)

To simplify things a bit, let us structure the possible requests.

First you list the comic characters you would like to see.
For example:

  • X Men Universe.
  • Batman adventures.
  • Spiderman and friends.
  • Superwoman and her adventures.
  • Catwoman and her 9 lives.
  • Superman heroic deeds.
  • The Fantastic Four.
  • Wonder Woman.
  • Anything else...
  • The more information you provide about the stuff you want, the easier it is for us to complete the artworks for you.

    And then describe the hentai scene you want, with names, positions and actions.
    For instance:

  • Group sex involving the entire X team.
  • Logan, Cyclops and Iceman fuck Phoenix up all her holes.
  • Emma Frost delivers a royal blowjob to the professor.
  • Storm licks the ass of Jean Grey and proceeds to fucking her with a giant dildo.
  • Phoenix and Emma Frost take turns engaging in anal sex with the entire X team.
  • Logan caught Mystique and threw her into the wildest hentai sex action ever committed.
  • Professor made Storm get naked and suck his cock.
  • Magneto captured Storm and ravished her gorgeous body.
  • Huge midnight orgy.
  • etc.
  • More details mean better and faster results! The better we understand the task, the more you enjoy the first class comics you get!

    Please don't forget that the process of comics creation is lengthy and consumes plenty of effort. Sometimes you can complete two drawings within one day, and sometimes it takes days to finish just one drawing.
    Please understand this and don't repeat your requests, I remember all the orders and I'll do my best to finish them soon. We always welcome your feedback and improvement ideas!

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