14 November 2006, 18:45  

4 scetches & 4 colored images of Spiderman Hentai XXX Porn.

This post is dedicated to Spiderman. Spiderman Hentai Porn, to be more precise!
What we have today is four bw sketches and four works in color. Let's find out together what the best style of adding color to these is.

  • Here comes the first sketch. Spirderman is engaged in acrobatic sex with a totally hot female character, suspending himself under the ceiling.
  • The next sketch shows Spiderwoman with really enormous breasts. A gorgeous hottie, this one! The one you can only dream about.
  • Third one. Lesbian sex action with Spiderwoman and Batwoman involved. Two sexiest females of the world going wild for you – fantastic!
  • The fourth sketch shows Spiderwoman again, carrying a huge pair of them extra-sized boobs. You could use these as pillows – though hardly anyone would be able to sleep on these. It's so much better to have some crazy hardcore sex with her instead!
  • Now let's have a look at possible ways of coloring these sketches. All of them are nice, so picking the best one is not easy. Let's try doing it together!

  • Beautiful Spiderwoman in the first one. This time with perfectly shaped tits, attractive and very feminine.
  • Next comes any man's dream. Two chicks, one dude. Spiderman and two slutty females that just can't say no.
  • Third picture. A very exciting plot! There are people who detest this, there are people who get hornier than hell. But you can't deny that these stories stir your feelings!
  • The last image shows us a bit of classic hentai porn. Spiderman drove his cock into the pussy of a seductive, sultry female character. A classic piece that just can't but turn on!
  • The first two pieces are colored in pencil style. A very expressive way of adding color, though it emphasizes the drawbacks of the picture. In the third one I used a style similar to the way comics were drawn in the 90s. That was the golden age! Still I love the last one most of all. Plain clear lines and contours, you could make any of these sketches twice as exciting using this technique.

    Let me know what you think by posting comments!

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