21 November 2006, 19:44  

Here she comes! Sex Wonder Woman Hentai Porn – now in color!

Check out the way our muscular super porn star Wonder Woman looks in color! Now we can easily trace every curve of her seductive body, almost as if it’s moving – melons bouncing as she rushes towards Minotaur, perky nipples erecting when she sees the huge thing between his legs...

Alright, let’s begin with the second pic – I guess the background helped to shade the figures in the center of the image out – and it really made it all look much better (even though the only thing I can say about the action shown is "OUCH!!!" :)

The other pics are a pure pleasure to see – our dirty cutie Wonder Woman simply gets drowned in Minotaur’s sticky cock sauce! Talking about myself, I love the seventh picture most – just look at the beast’s cream streaming down Wonder Woman’s enormous soft boobs – looks pretty much like Niagara Falls, huh? ? Now this nasty Superlady knows that fucking Minotaur is a lot better than fighting him!

Thanks for sending your comments and wishes – I was trying to take them all into account! Wait for new Wonder Woman hentai adventures!

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