08 December 2006, 05:25  

Batgirl’s incredible jugs – now on paper!

What about a couple of fresh images depicting the irresistible princess of Hentai Batgirl! This time it’s something a lot hotter than usual – simply ‘cuz, as you all have already noticed, the pics are real handmade ones! This time I decided to present our supernatural hottie on paper – which already makes this work unique!

The first pic exposes the Batgirl naked after a hard day spent fighting Evil. She’s sitting all alone on top of some box with her coat under that yummy firm butt of hers and slowly pulling one of her high boots off. Needless to say that the rest of her stunning body is already free from the tight clasp of latex superhero outfit – except the face which is still hidden behind the mask. Looks mysterious, huh? ;)

The second pic... Well, I admit that there’s a little bit of overestimation here! ? However, supergirl Batgirl has to have supertits, doesn’t she? This image is a little less revealing than the first one since the batgirl is exposed only topless – but don’t judge me too strictly! Just imagine what I would draw between her spare hips being in such an overestimating mood... ;) This pic makes me think of a new comic series – "Batgirl doing Supergirl"! I already imagine these busty kitties coming together...

All in all, I should say that drawing on paper was a really great experience for me! Now the rest depends on you – judging by your comments I will decide whether to keep on making such old-school Batgirl porn comics or not. Don’t hesitate to comment this work right here – I’ll be waiting!

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