12 December 2006, 18:37  

A little bit of brutal beauty – Julie Strain here!

Here she comes – the extreme-loving merciless heroine of your dirtiest wet dreams... Give it up for real brutal beauty from the hardcore universe of F.A.K.K. – and see my new series of XXX pics exposing Julie Strain nude!

Yeah, like this! A pompous enough introduction, isn’t it?

Alright, there’s hardly any time to waste, so let’s get straight down to business! This time I’m to present you 5 new, burning hot images of irresistible queen of action games – Julie Strain! Among the advantages of this series are: the unbelievable quality of the pics, interesting technique and maximum similarity of the images and real screenshots from the game.

First two images are aimed at scaring the shit out of the observer. ;) As for me, the second pic always gives me tingles... Looking at a strong, muscular Julie Strain naked except for a tiny red latex suit would be fine – if only she wasn’t squeezing a set of freshly-cut balls in her hand!?

The third image is my favorite. Dunno why – it just is!? Frankly speaking it looks a little old-school but it doesn’t spoil the general impression at all, huh?

The fourth and fifth pics leave us all some space for imagination – and they definitely are a valuable addition to the newborn Julie Strain gallery... Latex is cool – and the see-through white cloth is even better!

So... That’s mostly it – welcome into the merciless world of F.A.K.K.! Don’t lose your mind and your balls while surfing through this gal – I’ll be expecting the posts with your impressions here! ;)

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