20 December 2006, 19:20  

Spiderman gets caught – and he doesn’t mind it!

Another image featuring the all-time XXX superhero – take a look at this nasty Spiderman hentai masterpiece!

So what can we see here? Spiderman is back home – deadly tired after another hard day spend in fruitless attempts to catch the Green Goblin in some dark corner and give his green metallic ass a good work-out. To his surprise there’s someone waiting to help him relax... Damn! That’s the black cat girl!

She’s not aggressive at all, though! Moreover, there’s Mary Jane next to her! Spiderman gets so horny and so... puzzled. Meanwhile, the ladies approach him – both dressed in tiny black latex costumes – long legs looking even more seductive in these high-heeled black boots, bare firm butts gleaming as if oiled... Another step – and they are already next to him, careful hands sliding along his muscular body... lower and lower...

But what are they hiding behind their backs? Shit! Looks like nice soft Spiderman hentai is going to turn into perverted Spiderman BDSM action!? Someone’s flexible ass is in trouble ‘cuz the babes are ready to snap the handcuffs shut and whip the shit out of our hero with this nice long scourge...

The quality of this black cat spider man image is pretty cool – what I like the most are the shining asses!? I really want to ask the Spiderman cartoon maker to draw the next pics as quick as possible because I’m really eager to see what’s gonna happen next! It’s definitely going to be hard to say something bad about this work – but if you want to try, go ahead!? Positive comments are also welcomed!

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