26 October 2006, 19:38  

X Men Hentai, 5 Porn pics of Emma Frost, Mystique and other.

So here we go!
The first post reveals the shocking details about the secret life of X Men characters. I always fancied the chicks from these series, they’re totally hot! This is why I decided to do X Men hentai. Here we have 5 official pics, very well expanded.

    Some background information.
  • Here's the sexy Emma Frost, almost fully naked and very surprised by the weapon used against her this time.
  • Cyclops holds gorgeous Phoenix (Jean Grey) not wanting to let such beauty go. Observe her distinctive breasts and legs, absolutely killer!
  • Phoenix again, showing off her cracking curves.
  • Wolverine does not mind playing with this hot cute kitten.
  • Wolverine attacks Mystique with his primary weapon. Mystique's pussy, ass and mouth will have a hard time, but she's loving it.

Sometimes drawing new stuff barely makes any sense when you can do better updating the existing pics :) Several pages of X Men comics coming soon – created from scratch, not based on existing artwork.

[01] [02] [03] [04] [05]

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