18 November 2006, 11:36  

Spiderman Hentai, the porn king of XXX cartoons, uncensored!

Hey, everybody! What ‘bout checking out something really new, hot and seductive? I guess you won’t mind it, huh? ;)

So, let’s look at what we have here today… Six reworked XXX hentai images featuring the all-time hero of your dirty dreams – Spider man, the porn king!?

  • The first pic is just a collage – Mr. Green Goblin smiling right next to our flexible friend who’s flying about in his sexy lycra costume and… BANG!!! Right in between them we see the hottest superwoman ever – Black Cat! She stands turned sideways, slightly bent with her gorgeous massive ass sticking out. Looks like her own huge melons are a little too heavy for her?
  • She appears on the second pic as well – nude, together with the Beast who’s just done something bad with her and now is trying to escape Spider man who’s ready to tear the bastard’s giant erected dong off.
  • Black Cat doesn’t show no gratitude – on the third pic she’s already trying to slice Spider man’s sexy body into pieces together with Electra (both in tiny latex outfits).
  • The last three images out of the Spider man sex pic series expose our hero together with his beloved Jane (nude, of course ?). This guy will always find some time to spend banging his babe – no matter where they are at…

    Hope you will like it! And don’t forget – there’s still so much hot XXX hentai stuff coming!

    [01] [02] [03] [04] [05]

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