17 December 2006, 02:06  

A little trip into the future – fasten your seatbelts and st

Who’s that – slowly walking through the dump of rusty ballistic missiles? Here she comes... closer... Playful wind hovers by with an unexpected gust making her mini skirt fly up unveiling little lacy thongs while she lifts the bottom of her tee to wipe off her full wet lips. Wonder what little Nina has just finished doing there around the corner? That’ll always stay secret!?

This amazing beauty is the fruit of imagination of one of my friends – a really delicious fruit, I should say!?

The image was made on the computer with so much accuracy that the quality is almost blameless – as blameless as Nina’s perfect round boobs.

That’s how my friend sees the future – poisonous orange skies, decay and... mind-blowing hotties walking around all alone waiting for some guy to appear and bang the shit out of their little hungry holes in the cockpit of some wrecked A-bomber. Well, what can I say? If it’s the future, I’m closing this project and going off to starting working on the time machine!?

There’s something really special about this work... (I don’t mean the boobs – even though, they are cool, no doubt!) Probably it’s her eyes – the look of a wild cat that has just satisfied her unbearable hunger by gulping down a huge creamy load! All in all, this pic definitely deserves an A-mark!

Think the same? Then post you comments here to encourage our genius to create the sequel! IMHO, I’m slowly starting to fall in love with this babe? Hope that the next gust of wind will be strong enough to pull her panties off as well...

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